Free Pattern: Valentines Day felt wand tutorial

Posted by Minerva Fibre Arts on 14th Feb 2021

Free Pattern: Valentines Day felt wand tutorial

I've been making a tonne of these sweet little heart shaped wands recently and thought I would share the pattern and tutorial. They're dead easy to make and are great for using up scrap bits of felt you might have on hand. 

Materials needed:
-Scrap bits of felt (I used my merino felt in the colours "Lavender" and "Nereid")

-A stick 

-Embroidery floss and needle


-Embellishments (I used glass beads, but you can use sequins, buttons or anything else you have on hand)

-Stuffing (I used my wool stuffing)

-The pattern

Step 1. Pin pattern to your felt and cut out two hearts

Step 2. Embroider with beads, sequins and other embellishments. I used a few easy stitches such as lazy daisy and french knots for the flowers, herringbone for the leaves and fly stitch for the stems. I also added a handful of glass beads for a bit of sparkle. 

Step 3. Blanket stitch the two felt hearts together, leaving a small gap at the bottom to insert the stuffing and stick.

Step 4. Stuff your heart with wool and carefully glue the stick into the hole. You can also blanket stitch around the bottom front and back.

Step 5. Tie a couple of  ribbons onto the base of the wand and it's all finished!