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Sustainable Crafting

About Minerva Fibre Arts

I'm an avid knitter and crafter who started dyeing yarn while exploring the use of colours in my knitting. I love using and showcasing Australian and New Zealand yarn. 

My acid dyes are Australian made and inspired by the beauty of our landscapes. My plant dyes are mainly foraged from local sources using mordants to ensure colourfastness.

I would love to see what you craft with my yarn! Feel free to tag me on Instagram or use the hashtag #MinervaFibreArts



Sustainability is at the root of my business. After finding out majority of Australian wools are sent overseas to China for scouring and then onto Italy to be spun before making it back to Australia, I wanted to find a way to support local mills and farmers while keeping my carbon footprint lower. 

I always aim to work with small Australian and New Zealand farmers, particularly those that have sustainable practices and heritage breed sheep.

I only use wool scoured and milled in Australia and New Zealand and dyed in small batches with low impact and natural plant dyes. My yarns are plastic free, usually aren't superwash and I also stock a selection of organic wools. 

Other sustainable practices include recycling and re-using water, sustainable packaging and recycling/composting waste where possible. I try use as little plastic as possible in the production of my wools, including using glass syringes, metal pans and glass jars to store unused dyes. I love supporting small local Australian and New Zealand businesses, and try stock up on supplies locally.